Sunday, November 21, 2004

Falling Down

“The Lord sustains all who fall”
Psalm 145:14b

These words are words that we should never be able to hear. What is this? That God would reach down and sustain the fallen? The promises of God are too great for our wicked ears to hear and yet here it is - the God of the universe - the God who was alone before we existed and not lacking in anything - The God without need - before the sun, the moon, the stars, before heaven - and yet He created in such a way that He finds pleasure in His creation and seeks to save us from our own destruction and chosen separation from Him. The God who pursues us, the ones who have fallen and sustains us and gives us life has spoken and He never lies. Where are you today? Are you on the ground with a mouthful of dirt having fallen flat on your face in sin? You are all alone in need; will you keep the dirt in your mouth and savor its flavor? Or will you humble yourself and cry out to the Lord of the universe that He would sustain you and keep you from harm? He has spoken and so He will do that which He has said - He will sustain you, me, and all who fall.

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