Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"Only the Father Knows..."

Another "what I'm reading" excerpt:

"Christ had to submit to knowing dependently and to knowing partially. He had to learn to boey without knowing all the facts and to believe without being in possession of full information. He had to forego the comfort which omniscience would sometimes have brought. This, surely, was a potent factor in the dereliction (Mk 15:34). The assurance of the Father's love, the sense of his own sonship and the certainty of his victory were all eclipsed, and he had to complete his obedience as the one who walked in darkness, knowing only that he was sin and that he was banished to the outer darkness. He suffers as the one who does not have all the answers and who in his extremity has to ask, Why? The ignorance is not mere appearing. It is reality."

From The Person of Christ by Donald Macleod.


yappl said...

Jesus Christ knews what he was suppose to do and even at the early age of 12 he had studied the Law of heaven to be equipped to serve the will, plan and purpose of God for him.

Jesus was a true living dead -yeilded himself totally a die to self person so that the Father can in dwelled in him as flesh -so the Word became flesh is more meaningful and clearer. The Holy Spirit was the Creator who created Jesus rightly he call Him the Father. From there onwards Jesus allowed Holy Spirit the Father to speak (teaching, judgement, forgiving of sin and etc ) work ( to carry out instructions in the miracles, signs and wonders) these was how Jesus ' ministry one must emulates.

Peter and the others obsconded Jesus was simply they have yet to receive the Holy Spirit and without the Spirit of God to work through you, Satan will take controlled. After his dead Jesus had to whoo the disciples to God and breath the breath of Life to quicken and strenght with the power of Holy Spirit as promised by Holy Spirit the Father.

So without the Holy Spirit to day's churches is no match with Satan and his demonic oppression on God's people.

Sungkhum said...

Kho, you said, "Jesus Christ knews what he was suppose to do and even at the early age of 12"

I was wondering - what verse in the Bible expresses this? Is this what you think is true, or is it something based on the Word of God?

You also said, "After his dead Jesus had to whoo the disciples to God"

What textual basis do you have for this statement?

I welcome posts on this blog, but when you post, it is best to give reasons for why you say something, rather than just saying it - because otherwise it is just your opinion and is not backed up by the Word.

I look forward to learning from whence you have learned these things.

After you have cited your sources, I will then look forward to replying to what you have said.

Because He lives,

yappl said...

The Boy Jesus at the Temple
Luke 2:41 -51. Scripture -49 Jesus asked, Didn't you know I had to be in my Father's house / to do my Father's business.

Jesus wooing his disciples
Jesus Appears to His Disciples
John 20: 19-31,
19:The disciples were fear of the Jews locked themselves in the house. Fear -speak of darkness controlling them.
20:Jesus appeared to prove that he was man even after dead and showed his wound at his hands and sides also ate with them. Spirit don't eat!
21-22:Jesus breathed on them to embolden them with power of Holy Spirit to do the Spiritual work of God not physical work.
Jesus appeared to Thomas
24: Thomas was the greatest doubter and unbelieving type of person when Jesus had to show his wounds in order to believes. Thomas was missing during Jesus the first visits thereofre he did not received the Holy Spirit.

More wooing
Jesus and the Miraculous Catch
John 21 :1-14 the disciples continued to do their worldly things / occupations fisherman's work, still wants to go their own way and not trusting God and the spoken words.
Jesus Reinstates Peter
John: 21: 15-18-
Jesus pleaded Peter to do the Spiritual work of God as guided by Holy Spirit.
15-18: I can sensed that Peter attitude towards Jesus was arrogant.