Friday, February 24, 2006

Too Much Information

You know that verse, Jeremaiah 29:11? "I know the plans, etc." Have you ever read that verse in context? I did, today. The context is a lot of prophecy and condemnation related to the recently-exiled Jewish nation. My question is: who stumbled along this passage and decided that it was more important than the entire rest of the book? The Bible contains a lot of information. Way too much to digest in a single reading. Way too much to really understand in a lifetime. Many people will take a scientific approach to the Bible: with the right tools, the right processes, it is impossible to fail, you will discern the truth.

The problem is, somebody somewhere has to come along and say, "this is important and this is not." This pins our formerly scientific process on a person. A fallible person. Every shattered piece of the Church Universal has a few verses or concepts that it latches onto and a few which (if they were honest) undermine the conclusion they've come to.

Here's what I want to know! What's important to God.

STOP. I don't want to know what you think is important to God. Look at Jesus! Jesus is the revelation of God's character. He is the way we understand God. What was important to Him? Do we even pay attention?

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