Friday, April 06, 2007


For what it's worth, Bruce Demarest in The Cross and Salvation says this:

True repetance possesses three essential aspects. (1) An intellectualaspect. The repentant soul must understand God's holiness, righteousness, and displeasure at sin; must be be aware of personal sin and guilt; and must be persuaded of God's readiness to forgive. (2) An emotional element, in which the penitent abhors sin and experiences godly sorrow [=penitance] and remorse, not for the pain it has caused himself, but for the gried it has caused God and others. This aspect of repentance appears in the verb naham, to "be sorry," "regret,", "repent" -- where the root idea means to breath deeply. After gaining a fuller knowledge of God and a clearer perspective on himself, Job exclaimed, "I despise myself and repent [same verb] in dust and ashes" (Job 42:6). (3) A volitional aspect, which involves determination to forsake sins and amend one's life.

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