Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Pride pervades everything I do, even writing this, because I am a snake and a worm and a wisp. "Knowledge puffs up." And so it does, as I grasp to ponder the majesty of the triune G0d, eternally one and eternally three, eternally soveriegn and eternally good, unsearchable and unfathomable, yet revealed and knowable. Each day my knowledge about this great, majestic, just and loving Lord is expanded and each day I have to smother the sparks and flashes of pride before they send my soul into eternal damnation fire. I must pray each day and moment for God to humble me, a terrifying and necessary prayer, because I would rather be broken than destroyed.

I pray that my glory would be in Christ crucified, that my boast would be that I know the true and living Lord of Heaven, that I would regard others more than myself and Christ more than all.

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