Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Would Jesus Have an iPod?

I kind of don't think so. What does anyone else think?

(P.S. -- I'm pretty sure that if he did have an iPod, he wouldn't have a bunch of songs he didn't pay for on it... conviction is a painful thing...)


Ben said...

Here's a better question: Top 5 Songs Jesus would put on a Mix Tape

Daniel Slavich said...


Sungkhum said...

That is a question I think I push out of my mind and just try not to think about - first, before even coming here to a country where you can't even buy the real thing, and now, using the things I can purchase here. I justified myself before because it was for "education" (even my instructors at school encouraged that) and now, because I can't get the real thing (that is not true, I could have someone bring it, but it is true that once it is here there is no support offered for the program). And that doesn't even include music - but somehow I excuse myself, "I wouldn't have bought it anyway"

I have often wondered though, if this one area of my life has a great impact on the rest. I know that sin, though I make it out to be small in my mind, impacts my whole life as well as the lives of others - but my culture has made this whole thing gray to some extent, though I am not quite sure how that happend. I don't think Jesus would do it, because even if people say it is ok, it is the appearence of evil (because people are mad over it and go to court over it) - and yet I do it - I won't try to excuse myself.

Why am I doing it then? thoughts for now...

Anonymous said...

B&B wrote: Here's a better question: Top 5 Songs Jesus would put on a Mix Tape It could be that I'm showing my age (or interests) here, but why is that a better question? Do you mean a mix tape a la "High Fidelity"? Somehow I can't see Jesus obsessing over lists in that way...

Nathan -- I appreciate your candor! A tough issue in your present circumstances... You've written songs, right? I'm not sure that you have the same attachment to or thoughts of "ownership" of your songs that, say, Paul McCartney does -- but does it help to think about music from the vantage point of the song writer/composer?

Just my first Blogging thoughts...


Sungkhum said...

Hi Len,

Maybe it is a better question because of the one who wrote it - there is a lot of history there ;)

Yes, I have written music - but I was more at the level of, "Hey if people download it that's sweet!"

But that speaks more of my talent over my ethics :)

Maybe another question we can add to this is one we have asked before:
"Why do we watch rated R movies?"

Talking about these things, we must be careful - lest we speak and do nothing, lest we feel convicted and turn away.

God, grant us Your grace.

Lee Nakamura said...

I should have guessed that there was some background there :-)

You guys have been discussing the movie question for years now, haven't you? But you make an excellent point about speaking and doing nothing. It reminded me of James 4:17.

But back to the music. I asked the question I did to try to get you to see it in more personal terms. I know for myself, I'd be upset if I made a living selling my music and a bunch of people were enjoying my music without paying for it, I'd be upset.

Lee (a.k.a. LEN)

Sungkhum said...

Yeah, I think that (movies) first came out verbally during the Romans study.

before I speak anymore, and examine my own heart to see why my conviction is so low in this area - in order that this area as well as all areas of my life might glorify God - and that I might seek Him as my true and only pleasure.

Sungkhum (Hope)

Sungkhum said...

Well, my mp3's are gone - besides the ones I made from my real cds.

To be honest, in thinking about it, I know that music is nothing, nor would I have stealing music, or whatever our culture has labled it, be a hinderence to my walk with Christ, so I would rather get rid of it than keep it.

Therefore, if food makes my brother stumble, I will never eat meat, lest I make my brother stumble.
(1Co 8:13)

Freedom in Christ means not wanting to play in the gutter because you know what it is like to frolic on the beach.

Ben said...

And the answer has been discovered!

Sungkhum said...

Haha, that's sweet.