Wednesday, September 07, 2005


If we have received His blessing and the power of His sacrifice in salvation, how much more powerful is the post-reconciliation Salvation Power?

If we as enemies of God received mercy and grace, how much more will we as children of God receive? Our hope does not disappoint, but by its nature hope cannot be certainty (who hopes for what he sees?)! Hope is the pivotal key point: if it is taken, faith is gone. If it stands, the faith that results, though it be as small as a mustard seed, can defeat the darkest powers. In hope we must take our stand.

If the Spirit of Him who raised Christ from the dead is living in you, what can He not accomplish? The incredible reconciliation power of God is imbued with fire in your spirit, giving life in death, light in darkness. Darkness can extinguish the light, but it cannot stand before it. Hope is the light; the resultant faith casts out the darkness. Let your hope be lost, and God becomes the nightmare of the dark; the world is lost to you.

Christ is the light of the world -- let votaries of the church be kindled by His light -- and as we with unveiled faces behold His glory -- we will be Transformed into His Image, the Reconciliation Power flowing through us as the darkness recedes, and the light is passed on.

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